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Gaiety Theatre

The Restored  Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex now houses the Old  Gaiety Theatre in the Ground Floor, restored with old and unique Traditional Curtain Arrangement comprising sand bag,  Counter weight , Pulley and Rope arrangement,  unique and wonderfully restored Paper Maches  Decorative Panels, traditional seating arrangement with capacity of 320 people matching the ambience  of restored original colour Scheme and being the intimate gothic Theatre have perfect acoustic equipped with Modern  Stage lights and Gothic General Lights. This old theatre is being used for Theatrical and classical events of repute).

See Panoramic View of the Hall
See images of the Hall Area
See Images of the Stage Area
Download Stage Area Plan of Old theatre (PDF)
Download Stage Area Detail of Old theatre (PDF) 
Download Plan of Old Theatre-First Floor (PDF) 
Download Plan of Old Theatre-Ground Floor (PDF) 
Download Stage Light Details of Old Theatre (PDF) 
Download Stage Light Plan of Old Theatre (PDF) 
Download Proscenium elevation of Old Theatre (PDF) 




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